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Capsule Technology in Cloud Computing

01 April 2016

In this article, we are going to give you information about how to set up your servers rapidly. First, let’s check out how hard it is to carry out that mission in traditional IT management.

It needs dozens of servers or hundreds of computers in order to run the IT operation even for a small company. Primarily, you must determine the functions of an infrastructure. After that, those functions should be set for the software. Of course, you have to decide available hardware options in case operation works properly. After a successful accomplishment of that planning process this equipment should be adopted so that the installation can be established.

Besides, virtualization software must be ready to be utilized. Generally speaking, it is literally a headache so far. Mostly, cloning a ready machine doesn’t work. Especially because of the fact that machines runs on many different software from each other on server side, there are no places to go cloning or it is hardly worth generating.

After all those steps, you need to begin the establishment process. All actions are so painful for IT department. For example, the configuration step which is a strategic phase in creation of an infrastructure often is disregarded. This means improper infrastructure in dozens of areas as security issues of data leads to generate huge gaps.

For instance, companies that moved their data center and infrastructure to SkyAtlas do not spend so much time to set up servers. Immediately after the planning stage, they can create their whole infrastructure with a few clicks on an appropriate cloud computing platform. Even though there is a fault in the planning process they can manage their software needs in real-time.

On the other hand, required operating systems and software can be set up so quickly in order to operate on hardware. Software, in the case, becomes capsules prepared in advance. Because, SkyAtlas’ engineers equip suitable and assigned capsules for your needs. When creating your account on SkyAtlas’ servers, you can immediately establish capsuled software that you require to use. Thus, you are able to set up your servers so rapidly. Now, you are just supposed to transfer your data to your cloud system. MySQL, WordPress, OpenVPN, MondoDB are just a few options among tens of SkyAtlas Capsules…


Capsules are equipped within many software depending on your needs.  Finally, you can get a trial period to have a deeper understanding of the capsules in skyatlas.com.